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Customized for relief without the side effects.

The benefits of using a compounding pharmacy

HighPoint Pharmacy is a self-sustaining compounding pharmacy, we have the unique and incredible ability to modify formulations on a patient by patient basis.  Never before has medicine been more personal.

The Basics Of Compounding

At HighPoint Pharmacy, we know every medical case is not identical, and this means that there is no single dosage or mixture of medication that is going to fit every single patient’s needs. The team here at HighPoint Pharmacy is dedicated to offering this essential, personalized treatment option to patients.  We are a proud to be a compounding pharmacy and to offer this vital service in modern medicine.

In its most basic form, compounding is the mixture of one or more active ingredients in order to fit the exact needs of a specific patient. This differs from the mass-produced medication that only comes in a single dosage or even in a single form such as an oral tablet. While these cookie-cutter prescriptions work in some scenarios, there are too many variables for them to be effective in every single situation.

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The primary benefit of this unique form of medication is the fact that we can help create a completely customized prescription for a patient including both the dosage and the delivery system. For any number of reasons, patients may find themselves unable to take medication in a certain form.


Compounding allows us to create a unique platform to deliver these active ingredients into your system. This means you will have a variety of options available to you, ranging from transdermal gels and chewable tablets to capsules and lozenges.


For those that have recently found themselves struggling with a medication, compounding may be exactly what is needed to make long-term changes to your health. The trained specialists here at HighPoint Pharmacy can help remove many of the unwanted side effects of mainstream prescriptions through a long list of tools and techniques that are only available when compounding. This includes helping patients steer clear of certain side effects, and even removing undesirable tastes from medication (especially helpful for children.)


If you would like to discover more about compounding, contact us today and discover the many benefits of the state-of-the-art equipment, high-quality active ingredients, and highly trained staff that make this vital service possible at HighPoint Pharmacy.

Everyone Is Special.

At HighPoint Pharmacy, we are able to customize certain medications to help you get the best form of care. Here's what makes compounding special:


More options

We can customize doses and strengths of medications that commercial pharmacies can't. 

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Easier for kids

We can add flavor to some medications to help you keep your kids and pets healthy.

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Less side effects

Our compounding pharmacy can work with your physician to get you the best form of medication.

Learn More About How We Can Help


Compounding is 100% safe when carried out by a licensed practitioner.  Not all pharmacies have the unique tools and skills needed for compounding due to the extra time and energy it requires, but we believe that compounding is one of the most essential services that we can offer our clients. Compounding is completely legal and the Food and Drug Administration has stated that it is both ethical and has the potential to be extremely effective.

Contact HighPoint Pharmacy today at 817.466.3607 to learn more about how we can help take your patient care to the next level.

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