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Let us help you heal.

Customizable Scar Creams

We offer Scar Therapy Creams that aid in collagen production, eliminate discomfort and swelling, and help to greatly reduce the appearance and texture of:

Old and New Scars

Stretch Marks


Atrophic Scarring (Acne, Chickenpox)

Surgical Scarring

Burn Scarring

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When injured, the skin forms a clot which the body fills with a type of collagen called fibroblasts.  Unlike normal skin, the collagen in scar tissue forms in one direction.  This leads to the difference in color and feel of the scar tissue.  The preemptive treatment for any scarring is ideal, however all stages of scarring is noticeably improved by Scar Therapy Creams.


Formulations of Scar Therapy Creams are adjusted on a patient-by-patient basis, taking into account size and type of scar as well as skin type. 


At HighPoint Pharmacy our Scar Therapy Creams include:


PracaSil-Plus- a compounded silicone base made specifically to smooth scarred skin.  Naturally fueled by Pracoxi Oil from the Amazon, this revolutionary ingredient works as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidizing agents that aid in both the healing and relief of scar tissue, new and old.


Levocetirizine- an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory that helps makes scarring smoother and less noticeable while simultaneously soothing the discomfort of the various stages of scarring such as itching, swelling, and redness.


Fluticosone- a corticosteroid and anti-inflammatory that shrinks blood vessels in the affected area, helping to prevent the itching, burning, and redness associated with scar formation.

Formulas with PracaSil-Plus can have amazing results:
SCAR CREAM Ankle-Surgery Scar Day 1.jpg
SCAR CREAM Toddler Burn Day 1.jpg
SCAR CREAM Ankle-Surgery Scar Day 14.jpg
SCAR CREAM Toddler Burn Day 8.jpg
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